Upgrade Download

Welcome to this new features.

Only "upgrade" download is available.

For a complete version, please contact CAMECA Cameca-SX.Support@ametek.com or Cameca-SIMS.Support@ametek.com

Please fill in the following information to download update !

If you need a patch update for WinCurve or WinImage software please select: "IMS Processing"

Select your instrument from the list :

Enter your machine number

Enter your Hostid (for SUN like : 80f06d01) or Physical address (for PC like : 00-01-E5-60-53-12)

For a SUN computer :
To know your host id, type "hostid" in a cmdtool window
For a PC computer :
To know your physical address, type "ipconfig /All" in a cmdtool window